shiatsu sur chaiseSeated shiatsu really is a shiatsu. (*) Though it isn’t as comprehensive as a conventional shiatsu session, it allows in a 15 to 30 minutes time to work on the skull, neck, nape, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

Not only does it result in muscle relaxation but it stimulates the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the body’s automatic functions: the body recovers its innate balancing resources.

Want to learn more? Watch this video by the Syndicat des Professionnels de Shiatsu (in French but automatic subtitles in English are available)

For whom? For what?

If you only have a small amount of time to take care of yourself, for example during lunch break, or in the framework of an intervention at your business’ place, it is the ideal technique.

Session format

Seated shiatsu is received fully dressed. I talk with you of your specific tensions and inquire about potential contraindication and/or adaptations necessary to your condition. The chair is quite comfortable and is adjusted to each client in order that you fully relax on it.
It is of course thoroughly sanitized between each client.


Vanessa Richard donne un shiatsu sur chaise
Seated shiatsu demonstration at the Symposium  « Soigner autrement –
Prenons soin de nos soignants, Médecines complémentaires »,
St Joseph Hospital, Marseille, 30 November 2019.
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(*) Contrary to seated amma massage, with which it is often confused. Seated amma is a fixed protocol: the practitioner makes pressures on the same spots for all people, regardless of  the energetic profile and the specific tensions of each receiver.