Head & neck shiatsu is a very relaxing shiatsu which particularly activates the parasympathetic system. (*)

As the name suggests, pressures are concentrate on the skull, face and neck. It may also include some work on the clavicular area and the sternum.

For whom? For what?

If you need to ‘unplug’, if you feel like you’re thinking too much or your head feels like a pressure cooker, if you are upset or you go through a high level of professional or family stress. Sessions are oriented towards relaxation and the ‘ventilation’ of the head. For a more throrough work to harmonize or correct an energetic dysfunction, it is better to opt for a full shiatsu session.

♦ This shiatsu generates a deep state of relaxation: please do not plan any activity that requires a strong reactivity right after the session (job interview, driving exam, lunch with a client…)

Session format

A head & neck shiatsu usually lasts 45 minutes. During a preliminary interview, we talk about your specific tensions and I inquire as to potential contraindication and/or adaptations necessary to your condition. The shiatsu per se lasts about 35 minutes. It is followed by a short debrief.
Shiatsu are received with your clothes on and is given on a massage table. A more traditional work on a futon on the floor is possible if table is not suited to your condition.


Floorwork on the neck in lateral decubitus.


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(*) The autonomic nervous sytem, which regulates bodily functions (heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination…), includes the  sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic system prepares the body to action in case of stress: increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, secretion of adrenaline… The parasympathetic system is linked to the relaxation response. It entails a general slowdown of the body in order to operate basic system maintenance which occurs when the body is at rest: heart and breath slow down, blood pressure decreases, digestion and sexual arousal are stimulated.