Appointments at my practice (on Saturdays) are made on Résalib by clicking on the image below:

 Consulter le profil de Vanessa Richard sur Resalib l'annuaire des médecines douces et des thérapeutes

The website’s in French but I believe it’s understandable. If you’re not sure, please call me at +33 (0)699 691 902, we’ll set the appointment together.

→ By making an appointment, you acknowledge you are aware of and agree to the Conditions générales des prestations and annexes (in French – English translation in progress)

As regards appointments at your place, please call +33 (0)699 691 902 (Mon. 9:00 to Friday 18:00) or, if you’d rather like me to call you, please send an e-mail to Do not forget to mention your phone number and, if relevant, at what moment of the day you can be reached: I will call you so that we set an appointment together.

→ It is compulsory to wear a mask, for me and you both; no health certificate (“pass sanitaire”) is necessary. A recap of the sanitary instructions applied by your practitioner and which clients must comply with will be sent to you by e-mail asap after the appointment is made.


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